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We Have To Tell Tinubu The Honest Truth Or Nigerians Will Kick Us Out In 2027 – According to Salihu Moh Lukman




Salihu Moh Lukman, the former National Vice Chairman (North-West) of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has reportedly sent out a warning message expressing concerns about the growing economic problems and pervasive hunger in Nigeria, per a story by The Sun. Lukman has issued a warning, stating that should these difficult circumstances continue, President Bola Tinubu may be rejected in the 2027 presidential election, should he decide to run for reelection.

During a press conference held in Abuja yesterday, Lukman articulated his apprehensions about the potential emergence of a wave of discontent and rebellion among Nigerians in response to the prevailing economic discomfort. He warned that failure to address these concerns could result in the APC being ousted from office in 2027, potentially reverting Nigeria to a state reminiscent of the conditions experienced in 2015.

Lukman emphasized the collective responsibility of APC leaders, including himself, to communicate the unvarnished truth to President Tinubu and other party leaders. This call for honesty within the party reflects a recognition of the importance of addressing the challenges facing the nation proactively.

In his own words as seen in The Sun today…

“I think we must be honest, and this is the point I make to our leaders; without any inhibition, at the moment, our democracy is not responsive enough. As a party of vision to be progressive, it is certainly not yet progressive. I think I am worried that our leaders have become very comfortable to imagine that they can do anything and get away with it.”

“We must appeal to our leaders that things are almost getting out of hand at the rate at which we are going under a party that is envisioned to be progressive. We are likely going to start witnessing rebellion, and if care is not taken, by 2027, we will be kicked out of office, and that means taking Nigeria back to where it was in 2015. I think we owe our leader the responsibility or President Asiwaju the responsibility of telling him the honest truth.”

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