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We Must Allow Fubara To Breathe, Everything Cannot Still Be All About Wike After 8 Years – According to Maobuye Nangi-Obu




The secretary-general of the Ijaw Youth Council globally, Maobuye Nangi-Obu, has called on Nyesom Wike, the outgoing governor of Rivers State, to relinquish office politely so that Sim Fubara, the newly elected governor, can take over as the state’s head of state. Mr.

Nangi-Obu urged a change in Rivers State politics in a perceptive interview that aired on Channels Television this morning. He stressed the significance of evaluating the governor on the basis of his deeds.

Expressing his concerns about the prevailing political culture in the state over the past few years, Nangi-Obu conveyed a sentiment that during Wike’s eight-year tenure, the governance approach seemed centered around the former governor. Now that Wike has stepped aside, Nangi-Obu advocates for a new era where Governor Sim Fubara is granted the autonomy to govern without undue influence from his predecessor.

In his own words as seen on Channels Television this morning…

“We don’t have a good political culture in Rivers State, what we have is political economy. And we don’t even have good economy in Rivers State, for example if you want to buy sachet water, it’s either PDP water or APC. This has always been our bane, it has become our albatross in River state and that is why we don’t grow.”

“Does the current Governor even have what it takes to lead us right? We are watching but the point is that we cannot judge the governor if we don’t allow him to breathe, we must do that. You ran the state from your breast pocket for the past 8 years (talking about the former governor, Wike now), everything was about you, and you still want it to be all about you? No, everything cannot be all about him.”

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