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We Used To Hear The Bandits Discuss That The Military Was In The Forest, According to Kidnapped Victim


Jibril Abdullah, one of the abducted victims who recently recovered his release, stated in a Daily Trust story that they used to hear the bandits talking about the military being in the forest. In the Gwada community of Igabi Local Government Area, in Unguwar Liman, thirty residents were abducted, including Jibril. It took 62 days for them to be released from captivity.

It was said that the bandits alleged that they were invited to perform operations in the location. The bandits even said most of them are not familiar with the names of the communities they attacked.

Jibril Abdullah said, “They were bandits, not insurgents, but well-armed. There are lots of camps in the forest. Our camp is located in the middle of other camps deep inside the forest, which is why most of the military operations weren’t done near us. We used to hear the bandits discuss that the military was in the forest.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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