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“We Want The World To Hear Our Voice Over The Killings In Igbo Land, We Are Pained” -IWA

“We Want The World To Hear Our Voice Over The Killings In Igbo Land, We Are Pained” -IWA...Continue The Full Reading.

Newsmen reports that the Igbo Women Assembly has voiced alarm over the recent murders in many Igbo towns carried out by armed herdsmen and criminals. Group president Lolo Nneka Chimezie is speaking on behalf of the assembly. They lamented that hundreds of women had lost their husbands and sons as a result of these attacks. The women lamented that despite the region’s profusion of checkpoints, security officials were unable to adequately defend the southeast.

If the security forces are unable to maintain the southeast’s security, they have called on them to leave the checkpoints.

Speaking to reporters in Enugu, Lolo Nneka Chimezie voiced alarm about the targeted killings of Igbo youths who are frequently mistaken for members of IPOB.

She emphasised the widespread youth departure from Igbo communities brought on by the increasing levels of violence.

“We want the world to hear our voice against the massacres in Igbo country,” the woman declared. We are hurting because of how quickly our kids are dying.

The frightening rate at which our young people are dying marks them as IPOB members. Numerous Igbo villages have seen youth disperse.

She went on to say that young people have stopped going to regions like Orlu and Ihiala and that the Nigerian government needs to take the insecurity in the southeast region seriously.

She also demanded a detailed assessment of the security guards stationed there. Furthermore, the Igbo women expressed that they are uncomfortable as of right now....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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