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We Were Sent By An APC Lawmaker To Come & Help Him Protect His Votes During The Election – According to Suspect




Following allegations that they were deployed to tamper with the Kano by-election process, some political thugs have been apprehended by the Nigerian Police in Kano State. The Leader of the Thugs, whose identity has been suppressed, claims that they were told to help protect an APC lawmaker’s votes in the ongoing byelection.

He disclosed that the opposition party’s mobilization of supporters toward a common goal was the source of this command. He said that last night was the payment day for the N10,000 in compensation that each of the parties concerned received.

He said in an interview with Channels TV, ”We were sent by an APC lawmaker to come and help him protect his votes during the election. We are from Kano municipal.

He asked us to come because the other party has also mobilized people to do the same. Some of my people are from Badawa, Darmanawa, and Hausawa. They gave us N10,000 each and they gave us yesterday night.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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