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Well, if both sides are accusing the army, it means they have been neutral- According to Gen. Musa




General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defense Staff, discussed the country’s efforts to manage the growing wave of insecurity in an interview with Daily Trust. He also discussed other significant topics, such as the welfare of soldiers.

Speaking on the intermittent issue in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, where both settlers and indigenous people have accused the Nigerian Army of showing prejudice, General Musa stated that it is fortunate that the accusations came from these two groups.

He said, “Well, if both sides are accusing the army, it means they have been neutral. It would have been worse if one side was saying the army was on its side.”

He said that the armed forces of Nigeria, are trained to be impartial; and that is what they do wherever they operate. And that is why it is important for people to understand that they are duty-bound to ensure that there is peace wherever we are.

Further talking, he said, “When the incident started, the military got in, and we are trying to make sure that both sides are kept apart.

But,.you know, because of the vast nature of the area, as you are holding this area, some people will sneak in through the other part and try to attack. This is what is actually causing the problem.” CONTINUE FULL READING>>>

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