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We’re In Tinubu’s 6th Month In Office And He Can’t Point To Any Project That He Has Done- According to Alex Omotehinse




Six months into his term, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is thought to have taken few significant steps, according to Alex Omotehinse, President of the Center for Human and Socio-Economic Rights (CHRS). Mr. Omotehinse expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with The Sun, pointing out that the president has mainly made promises to Nigerians without following through on them.

Omotehinse captured the general feeling of Nigerians when he pointed out a growing fatigue with the government’s repeated pattern of making promises that are frequently unfulfilled.

In his own words as seen in The Sun…

“We are tired of the promise of the government. The government promised that the refineries would work in September 2022, later it was changed to December. We’ve listened to several promises and they know that this is the only way they can deceive the electorate. If the government means well, their actions would speak louder than words. What we want is action and not promises. We want Nigeria to be transformed.

When you see a path to greatness, you can easily identify it, but we haven’t seen that yet. This is the sixth month Mr. President has been in office and he cannot point to any project that he has done. What he keeps talking about are the faults of the previous government.”

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