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‘What a difference!’ Makeup influencer shares easy blusher trick which ‘lifts the face’

Women have many options when it comes to looking younger. The right haircut and colour, a revamped wardrobe or a new skincare regime can take years off....Continue The Full Reading.

But makeup can also have a transformative effect, creating the illusion that the clock is moving backwards rather than forwards.

Stephanie Marie, a beauty influencer with 241,000 subscribers on YouTube, specialises in anti-ageing and shared a blusher hack for older ladies.

Blusher is a makeup bag staple and can be worn at any age. However, despite its universality as a product, the expert suggested it should be applied differently depending on age.

In a YouTube short, Stephanie revealed that older ladies should not focus their blusher on the apples of their cheeks, despite always having done this.

Instead, she provided a hack for “lifting the face” and “looking a little bit younger”.

We are typically told to apply blusher to the apples of our cheeks, “but as we get older that placement can start to drag our face down”.

She explained that this is because as we age we are using facial volume, facial fat, collagen and elasticity.

These factors mean that when a mature lady smiles her cheeks might be lifted, but slightly droopier when her face is at rest.

The beauty guru told older ladies to rethink their blusher placement, applying it along the cheekbones rather than the apples of the cheeks. You can begin at the spot under your iris and end at the top of your ear.

Stephanie claimed: “This can have a huge impact with creating lift and helping you look more youthful”.

Those with a longer face might want to apply their blusher horizontally, the expert suggested, “to create the illusion of width”.

Those with a rounder face might instead want to apply this product more vertically at an angle “to create the illusion of a more oval face”.

Fellow makeup enthusiasts loved the tip. @tonyarst2922 commented: “Thank you SO much for this video. I am 50 years old and I have a round face. I have been really struggling about blush placement. Thank you for the tip.”

@aliceannsnow9333 added: “What a difference this makes! Thank you!”

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