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‘What about our brethren in Palestine?’ – Reno Omokri blasts Pst. Adeboye over his prayers for Israel



Reno Omokri has blasted Pastor Enoch Adeboye for praying for Israel to have peace..…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>....PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

There is a massive war currently ongoing between Israel and Palestine which had led to loss of many lives and properties.

A lot of Christians, especially in Africa, have shown their support for Israel, mainly because the nation has been mentioned many times in the Bible and is widely considered to be the ‘Nation of God’.

Pastor Adeboye also took to his X platform to pray for the peace of Israel but former presidential aide, Remo wasn’t having it.

Reacting to Pastor Adeboye’s post, he wrote: “What about our brothers and sisters in Palestine? A greater percentage of Palestinians are Christians than the Israeli population. Half a million of them, to be precise. Doesn’t the Bible, in Galatians 6:10, ask us to first show love to members of the household of faith before others? Perhaps they may feel abandoned that your message did not even mention them. If I were a Palestinian and saw your message, I would sink into further despair.

“Acts 10:34 says God does not show partiality. But sir, are we not being partial when we pray for Israel and ignore Palestine? Perhaps it is an oversight.

“Sir, I have been to Palestine. I will not wish their condition on my own enemy. They are God’s children, too. Don’t they deserve our love and prayers and every possible non-military support we can rouse to alleviate their tremendous human suffering?”…CONTINUE.FULL.READING>>>

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