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“What Would’ve Happened If Someone Bombed a Christian Procession in Kaduna or the Plateau?” – Professor Usman



In response to the terrible bombing in Tudun Biri during an Islamic procession, Professor Usman Yusuf, the former head of the NHIS, claimed that there would have been consequences if Christians in the Plateau or Kaduna had been involved in a similar incident.……CONTINUE READING>>>

He pointed out that large churches in the nation’s south would have caused a national uproar. He voiced alarm about what he saw to be the military’s carelessness in handling similar circumstances.

He said, ”This is a religious procession. What would have happened if a religious Christian Procession in Plateau or Kaduna was bombed? Big Churches from the South specifically would have raised their voices all over Nigeria. We need to be very careful, the military should know better.

You become a general to think better than a captain, this is irresponsible. In other climes, they will all resign. Everybody in the chain of command will be fired. The Chief of Defense staff and everybody will go. And the President will have to cut his trip, come back home, and see our people.”

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