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What You Shouldn’t Do When Reading the Bible – Pastor Benny Hinn Reveals

What You Shouldn’t Do When Reading the Bible -Pastor Benny Hinn Reveals...Continue The Full Reading.

In a recent video on Facebook, renowned televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn has emphasized the importance of reading and meditating on the word of God, suggesting that focusing on the thoughts conveyed rather than simply reading chapters can deeply nourish the soul.

He encouraged believers to shift their approach from merely reading chapters to delving into the underlying thoughts conveyed within the scriptures. Drawing from examples in the Bible, he highlighted how specific sections, such as Genesis chapters 1 to 11 detailing the story of humanity, and chapters 12 to 24 focusing on the life of Abraham, offer rich insights when pondered upon. He emphasized that the transformative power of God’s word lies not in the mere recitation of chapters, but in the deep reflection and meditation on the truths conveyed.

According to him, “When you read the word never read chapters but learn to read thoughts. Because you can meditate on the thoughts and the thoughts will remain with you. The Bible is broken into thoughts like Genesis Chapter 1 to 11 reveals the story of men. Chapter 12-24 talks about Abraham. On this note, it is only when you meditate on the word of God that you can nourish your soul.”

Watch the Facebook video here.

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