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When Jonathan reverted it, did hell let loose? Reverse it & study it -According to Ilesanmi




Political scientist and public commentator Dr. Andrew Ilesanmi has expressed concerns regarding Tinubu’s administration’s elimination of the fuel subsidy.

In an interview with Daily Trust TV, Ilesanmi said the removal of fuel subsidy has led to an increase in the price of commodities. He urged President Tinubu to reverse his decision to remove fuel subsidy the same way former President Goodluck Jonathan reversed his decision to remove fuel subsidy.

He also emphasized the importance of adopting a measured approach in addressing the matter of fuel subsidy, indicating that hasty decisions might not yield positive outcomes.

In Ilesanmi’s words: “When President Jonathan reverted it, did hell let loose? Reverse it and study it. You don’t just take such a decision and you expect a positive response immediately and you expect people to clap for you. Those that clapped for him the other time, now where are they?”.CONTINUE FULL READING>>>>>

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