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Why Did Boxer Floyd Mayweather Get Banned From Purchasing Another Ferrari?

Why Did Boxer Floyd Mayweather Get Banned From Purchasing Another Ferrari?...Continue The Full Reading.

Ferrari, one of the best known car brands around the world, is known for excellence. Their fashionable and very expensive cars are just as much a luxury brand as a car company. It’s that brand power that gives them the ability to deny some big-name celebrities – like Floyd Mayweather – purchasing power.

But why was the famous boxer banned from buying a Ferrari? Or should we say, another Ferrari? Does it have anything to do with his in-ring performance or any legal trouble with the car? Is this a Floyd Mayweather issue or are any other celebrities banned from buying a new car from the Italian brand?

Floyd Mayweather and his Ferrari in 2006

The reason behind Floyd Mayweather’s ban is the least controversial way to be banned from purchasing a Ferrari.

In order to be able to purchase another new Ferrari, you’re not allowed to sell your Ferrari within a year of its original purchase. According to Carbuyer, Floyd sold his Ferrari within a year of purchasing it and is therefore banned from purchasing another new Ferrari. That’s it. Floyd is banned from buying a Ferrari because he legally sold a car he no longer wanted.

The boxer can buy a vintage Ferrari or a used Ferrari, just not a new one directly from the manufacturer.

Other high-profile celebrities are banned from purchasing a new Ferrari and they’re for slightly more scandalous reasons, though nothing close to illegal.

Justin Beiber is banned from buying another Ferrari because he misplaced his car for three weeks. While it’s irresponsible to lose your car, it’s way more irresponsible to drive your car to a party, get hammered, and drive that car. But the car manufacturer didn’t like that the celebrity misplaced his Ferrari so they said no more Ferraris. It doesn’t help that he painted the car blue. Ferrari doesn’t like when owners change the car’s colors. Beiber is banned for two no-no’s, but nothing illegal.

Justin Beiber and his Ferrari in 2014

Kim Kardashian is not allowed to receive a new Ferrari because she was gifted a Ferrari by someone possibly doing illegal business. According to Capital FM, “In 2011, Kim was actually gifted a white $325,000 Ferrari 458 Italia by a wealthy Malaysian businessman as a wedding present following her ill-fated nuptials to Kris Humphries.” Why a car company cares who purchases their automobiles is odd. Would Kim be banned from the brand if she was driving around someone doing illegal business?

Kim Kardashian and her Ferrari in 2012

Ferrari can ban people from buying cars because the demand outweighs the supply.

The reason why the Italian car manufacturer can ban people from giving them money for their product is simple: The demand outweighs the supply. In addition to banning people from purchasing a new Ferrari for selling a Ferrari too soon, or temporarily losing, modifying, or accepting the car from an unscrupulous source, Hotcars.com says people can be banned for criticizing the brand on social media or in road tests, suing the manufacturer, changing the logo, and illegally using its trademarks....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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