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Why I Find It Difficult To Make Friends With A Lot Of People — Jim Iyke - UTWEETS

Why I Find It Difficult To Make Friends With A Lot Of People — Jim Iyke


Popular Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke gets candid as he reveals why he finds it difficult to make friends.

The musician, while speaking in a recent interview on Tejubaby’s podcast, revealed that he can’t keep friends who are always hung up on his last act.

He noted that he is a transitional being who changes every day and people cannot expect him to be the same person he was yesterday.

Jim Iyke emphasized that the sort of person he is is the sort that doesn’t always have to speak to someone every day, except on why an important matter comes up.

Speaking with friends every day, calling to know how they are doing all the time, he noted, is not his style and he can’t keep up.

“I need someobody that won’t be hung up on my last act. I’m to transitional for it. My propensity for growth is at an alacrity that you cannot keep up with. Who I was yesterday is different from who I am today. So it is not everybody that can keep up with that. I need somebody that I won’t call for 10 weeks and is not in his feelings. There is a time I didn’t call him for 4 weeks, he didn’t call me too. We don’t have to but when you call, it’s value,” he partly said....Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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