“Why I now smoke despite singing against it” – Fireboy DML opens up

“Why I now smoke despite singing against it” – Fireboy DML opens up...Continue The Full Reading.

Nigerian artist Fireboy DML addresses fans’ queries about his change in stance on cannabis use.

Fans notice contradictions in Fireboy’s lyrics regarding cannabis consumption.
Fireboy takes to Twitter to explain his personal growth and evolving perspectives on the matter.

Fireboy emphasizes that people change over time.

Nigerian music sensation Fireboy DML has addressed questions from fans regarding his decision to embrace smoking cannabis (weed), despite previously singing against it.

The YBNL artist shared insights into his personal growth and evolving perspectives, shedding light on the factors that led to his shift in stance.

The discussion arose following apparent contradictions in Fireboy’s lyrics, prompting fans to seek clarification.

Fireboy DML reflects on his changing perspectives
Fireboy DML.

In one song, Fireboy asserts, “I no dey blow trees,” while in another, he references rolling one.

The disparity in Fireboy’s lyrics sparked widespread discussions on social media, with fans expressing confusion and questioning the inconsistency in his messaging.

Responding to queries on Twitter, Fireboy DML took the opportunity to provide clarity on the matter.

In his words;

“People change, Lucee.”

See below;

In other news, Popular Nigerian singer Fireboy DML has opened up on his journey to artistic growth, revealing that he once attempted to copy the stage presence of American pop star Beyoncé but found himself unable to match her prowess.

In an exclusive interview with RollingStone, Fireboy shared his experiences, acknowledging his initial struggles to replicate Beyoncé’s performances.

According to Fireboy DML, despite his efforts, the level of excellence achieved by the multiple Grammy winner remained out of reach for him.

Reflecting on his journey, Fireboy DML disclosed his determination to evolve and enhance his craft.

The artist revealed how he channeled his aspirations of performing in front of massive audiences into his songwriting process, envisioning himself on stage even during the creation of his most heartfelt compositions.…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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