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Why I stopped acting – Sanyeri opens up, reacts to allegation of rejecting movie roles from colleagues(VIDEO)

Why I stopped acting – Sanyeri opens up, reacts to allegation of rejecting movie roles from colleagues(VIDEO)...Continue The Full Reading.

Sanyeri, the beloved comedic sensation of Yoruba cinema, has finally unveiled the curtain on his absence from the grand stages of mainstream film.
Amid swirling speculations about his purported rejection of coveted movie offers, Sanyeri has emerged to shed light on his deliberate career choices.

Yoruba actor and celebrated Nollywood star, Olaniyi Afonja, widely recognized as ‘Sanyeri’, recently sparked intense online discussion following his revelation about stepping back from acting, amid accusations of displaying arrogance towards fellow actors.

During an engaging interview with Media personality, Kola Olotu on Lagelu FM 96.7, the renowned movie star shed light on his decreased involvement in Yoruba cinema and his less frequent appearances on screen.

In his candid response, Sanyeri articulated that his decision to dial back on acting was not spurred by any singular reason but rather by his ascent to a pivotal stage in his career.

He emphasized the necessity of scrutinizing movie roles offered to him, highlighted the imperative of safeguarding and elevating his brand in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry.

The esteemed comic actor passionately asserted that indiscriminately accepting numerous movie offers could potentially dilute the unique essence of his brand, undermine the credibility he has painstakingly built over the years.

Sanyeri passionately advocates for a discerning approach, stressed the significance of script evaluation.

According to him, before committing to a project, he meticulously reads and dissects each script, to ensure it resonates with his artistic vision and distinctive style.

Addressing allegations of rejecting movie roles from his colleagues, Sanyeri acknowledged that he indeed turns down certain offers. In his defense, he explained that some movie producers approach him with rushed offers to quickly complete scenes, which contradicts his principles and professional standards.VIDEO HERE

For Sanyeri, it’s essential to avoid getting entangled in controversies stemming from movie roles he hasn’t fully assessed or understood.

He boldly characterized those spreading such allegations as individuals who harbor resentment towards serious and principled actors like himself.

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