Why I went blind just few hours to my wedding – Bride opens up

A Nigerian bride has shared her painful story with netizens after going blind just a few hours to her wedding day...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

In a video trending online, the bride narrated how a wrong prescription of eye drop caused her to go blind on her wedding eve.

“How I lost my sight 24 hours to my wedding and got married partially blind. 36 hours before my wedding, I went to the pharmacy to get eye drops because my eyes were a bit red from preparation stress. I explained why I needed the eye drop and the pharmacist prescribed an eye drop to me I was instructed to use it at night before bedtime which I did.

“I woke up the next day blind. Like I couldn’t see. My pupils were diluted. My eyes started tearing as the light ray was too much for my eyes to comprehend. My vision was totally blur. I could only see very blur shapes but nothing more. I was completely blind only 24 hours to my wedding.

“I was taken back to the pharmacy where I bought the eye drop and the pharmacist that prescribed the eye drop to me was not on shift. Because of the intensity of the situation, she was called to come to the pharmacy asap. The other pharmacist couldn’t understand why I was given such eye drop.

“The eye drop was mostly used for eye surgery or by an ophthalmologist to purposely dilate the pupils to fully examine the health of the optive nerve and the retina. To think I was given such extreme eye drop was out of everyone’s understanding. When the pharmacist came she was scared. Seeing how seriously sensitive the situation was, they booked me for an immediate optometrist appointment.

“When we got to the optometrist, as soon as he examined my eyes he told me it would take a while for me to regain my sight fully and there’s no way I would get my sight restored in 24 hours so I might have to go on with my wedding in that condition. I cried so much. The devil tried but he failed.”...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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