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Why We Demolished Rivers State House Of Assembly Complex–According to Rivers Gov’t Gives Reason




According to Vanguard, The Rivers State Government has clarified its decision to demolish and reconstruct the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex, citing expert advice regarding structural defects. According to the statement by the Rivers State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Joseph Johnson, professionals advised that the building’s integrity was compromised, rendering it unfit for human use.

The structural issues were mainly attributed to the recent explosion and fire incident that shook the foundation of the assembly chambers.

Following Governor’s inspection of the damage after the fire incident, the government sought professional guidance to assess the building’s condition.

The explosion, involving explosive dynamite, resulted in visible cracks and an overall frail appearance, raising concerns about its safety for legislative activities.

Despite initial efforts to explore cost-saving repair measures, the government ultimately accepted the recommendation to rebuild the complex into a more suitable structure.

The government emphasized that the decision aims to avert potential disasters associated with the compromised building’s continued use. In the interim, an alternative venue has been provided for the House of Assembly to conduct its affairs until the reconstruction of the complex is completed.

Johnson said, “After the assessment of the integrity of the complex, the experts warned the government that continuing to use the building in its present state would be disastrous.

“In the interim, the Rivers State Government has provided an alternative venue for the House of Assembly to conduct their affairs pending the rebuilding of the complex.”

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