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‘Why we left Nigeria’ – Japa Nigerians reveal painful ordeal

Some Nigerians who have left the country have revealed the point that drove them to finally say, ‘goodbye’ to Nigeria...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In a series of tweets, some Japa Nigerians they left for growth and exposure, some added that they left because of insecurity, and some also revealed that they left the country because they were harassed by EFCC.

The reasons were so many, but the takeaway from these tweets are still the same. They consider staying in the country a detriment to their overall well-being.

Read some tweets below:

They pointed Gun at me in my own room, I paid for IELTS the next day ????

— Gbenga Adebiyi (@gbengabiyi) September 10, 2023

Since I was in Yaba College of Technology, I’ve always known I’d leave Nigeria for educational and career development purposes; I only didn’t know the exact location, how it would happen, or when. Despite the lack; I’ve always believed it will come to pass someday…

— Subomi Adekoya (@ADEKOYASUBOMI) September 11, 2023

EFCC came to harass me in my apartment.

Combed through my laptop and phone. Didn’t see anything implicating. We ended up gisting about Java and C#, which was better for enterprise software. They apologized and left.

I applied for admission the next month.

— Freedom. (@mr_efreedom) September 11, 2023

I dropped my co-workers travelling to Dubai at the airport around 04:30pm. Their flight was scheduled for 06:00pm. I left the airport 05:30 pm. There was traffic congestion from the airport back to Ibafo. They got to Dubai before me.

I made up my mind that night.

— Akeem Adeniran (@grandsunbae) September 11, 2023

Nothing. I had two options then. I was processing my Japa ish and also awaiting an appointment with the NPA.

My JAPA clicked March 2022, and I was still hoping and praying that the NPA would show so as to cancel the JAPA.

NPA didn’t show, and I left Nigeria.

I left Nigeria…

— Idris Abdul Ahmed (@Nrs_Idreeserh) September 11, 2023

Nigeria made me leave. No regrets at all.

— Khene ????♻️???????????????? (Agba Ego Nkịtị 1) (@official_khene) September 11, 2023

My eCommerce business was struggling, then I visited New York and saw little kids rocking $100+ sneakers on the subway.

I realized I was in the wrong market.

— Jay (@JuwonTheTechie) September 10, 2023

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