Why you should break up with your boyfriend if he hasn’t gotten you a car – Influencer

Influencer sparks outrage as she states why a lady should dump her boyfriend of over one year if he hasn’t gotten her a car...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

The influencer opined that when a guy has dated a lady for over a year, there are some sort of gifts the guy would be willing to give, or would have given to her.

She stated that if a guy the lady has dated for over one year hasn’t gotten the lady a car, it means the guy doesn’t value her that much, or he has a side chick who’s providing for financially.

Speaking further, the influencer urged ladies to quit the relationship and simply dump the man.

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ihemenancy said: “Giving us advice from your mosquito”

_ola_yemi said: “Another ritual ingredient.”

funkehaastrup said: “What’s wrong with getting yourself a car ? Them they forbid am for una family”

wisdombusybrain said: “we The difference between some girls o and Almajiri, na plate”.Watch the video below:..Also Read: CLICK THE LINK, THE FULL VIDEO IS HERE ]

omalichawa_ said: “Even u? With your inside mosquito net, and secondary bulk”...Continue The Full Reading.>’.


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