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‘Wike Has Brought in Fubara, & Before You Say Jack, There’s a Problem’ —According to Fred Nzeakor


Lawyer Fred Nzeakor brought attention to a historical pattern in Rivers State where political relationships between governors and their successors seem to lead to conflicts in an interview with Arise TV following the crisis. He disclosed that Amaechi drove Peter Odili from the state after he brought Amaechi. He continued by saying that Wike drove him away when Amaechi brought Wike. But he said that since Wike brought Fubara, things have altered, emphasizing that problems exist even before you speak.

He drew parallels between the historical events and the recent crisis involving Governor Fubara, suggesting that the political dynamics and conflicts in the state have deep-rooted historical and spiritual dimensions. Nzeakor implied that the current political issues are interconnected with historical events dating back to the Nigerian Civil War.

According to him, “Instead of sowing brotherly love, what you’re seeing in Rivers is brotherly brutality. Between 1999 and 2007, Gov. Peter Odili was in charge. He did everything he did, brought his boy, in quote, Rotimi Amaechi, made him a governor, and how did it end? He couldn’t go to Rivers State because Rotimi Amaechi ran him out of town.

Rotimi now nominated Wike to become minister of state for education; what did he get? Rotimi was run out of town by Wike. Now, Wike has brought in Fubara, and before you say, Jack, there’s a problem. And up till today, nobody has said or told Rivers people the sins or the offence of Fubara, the governor, and you now tie it back to 1967-1970.”...PROCEED.FULL.READING>>>

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