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Wike: I Don’t Listen to Beer Parlour Discussion Of “Don’t Worry Nobody Can Take Your Seat” -Yobana

Wike: I Don’t Listen to Beer Parlour Discussion Of “Don’t Worry Nobody Can Take Your Seat” -Yobana...Continue The Full Reading.

Marvin Yobana, the leader of the Simplified Movement in Ogoni, recently shared his insights on the political turmoil gripping Rivers State during an interview on Arise TV. Yobana delved into the heart of the matter, focusing on the contentious issue involving Governor Fubara and the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, while emphasizing the legal ramifications of the conflict.

During the interview, Yobana made it clear that he doesn’t pay heed to hearsay or what he referred to as “beer parlour discussions,” where unsubstantiated claims are often made. He alluded to a statement purportedly made by Nyesom Wike reassuring defected lawmakers that their seats were secure, indicating his disregard for such rhetoric. Instead, he stressed the importance of upholding the law and urged fellow citizens to do the same.

In Yobana’s view, the law is sacrosanct and should be respected by all members of society, regardless of their position or political affiliation. He reiterated the need for citizens to abide by the legal framework governing the country, emphasizing the importance of being law-abiding in the face of political turbulence.


Hear him: “I don’t listen to side talks or as we call it in the local palace, beer parlour discussion, where somebody said don’t worry nobody can take your seat (referencing Nyesom Wike’s statement where he told defected lawmakers not to worry that nobody will take their seats). The law is law, and we should respect the law. We’re law-abiding citizens of this country.”…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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