Wike is a brilliant political strategist but perhaps he also needs to learn from Bola Tinubu – According to Omokri


Reno Omokri, a well-known writer and political analyst, has advised Governor Nyesom Wike strategically via his Facebook page. Omokri notes Wike’s political skill but feels that the governor’s strategy may be strengthened. To further his argument, he draws a parallel between Wike and the late Bola Tinubu, the governor of Lagos.

In his analysis, Omokri commends Wike’s political acumen but draws attention to a lesson that could be learned from Tinubu’s strategy concerning former Lagos Governor Ambode. Unlike Wike, Tinubu demonstrated subtlety and patience by allowing Ambode to complete his first term before denying him a second term, despite having control over the Lagos State House of Assembly and local government chairmen.

The central theme of Omokri’s advice revolves around the value of patience and strategic timing in the realm of politics. He argues that such an approach enables politicians to achieve their objectives without causing unnecessary disruptions. Citing the wisdom of Sun Tzu, Omokri underscores the importance of choosing the right time and place for political battles, emphasizing the transitional period between terms as a vulnerable moment for governors.

The essence of the counsel extends to the idea that a governor is most susceptible during the transition from one term to another, presenting an opportune time for strategic maneuvers. Omokri encourages Wike to embrace subtlety and patience when navigating political challenges, emphasizing the significance of adhering to principles rather than succumbing to impulsive actions.

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