Yemi Alade criticizes artists who downplay the Afrobeat genre

Yemi Alade criticizes artists who downplay the Afrobeat genre...Continue The Full Reading.

Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade chastises her colleagues for continuously disparaging the Afrobeat genre and exhorts them to peacefully declare their own.

Taking to the X platform, the singer stated that there is nothing wrong with an artist enlightening his listeners about the genre of their music.

She pointed out that it is hypocritical to minimize the influence Afrobeat has had on the growth of all musicians.

She went on to criticize Nigerians for siding with artists while they degrade themselves online rather than confronting the government over the nation’s pressing problems.

“I don’t see anything wrong in informing your listeners of the genre of music an artist makes especially when you feel it doesn’t define your art.

“Just Announce your Genre in peace. Downplaying the role Afrobeats has played in every artist’s development is hypocrisy.

“Electricity Tariff& Fuel are at a 400% increase.Naira to $ is dancing alanta.
The weather is unbearably hot. People are busy being wicked 2each other with daily increase in prices. Salaries have not been increased. Afrobeat artists are making the mess& u r picking sides instead of facing ur government.”...Continue Full Reading.>’.

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