Yinka Quadri speaks on why he settled long-standing feud with best friend, Ogogo

Yinka Quadri speaks on why he settled long-standing feud with best friend, Ogogo..ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

After days of silence, well-known Yoruba actor Yinka Quadri finally posted a video showing him and Taiwo Hassan Ogogo ending their long-running argument.

The video sparked a lot of speculation.

The reason behind the resolved long-standing conflict is still unknown, although Ogogo and Quadri, who were once close friends, had a falling out years ago.

It was assumed that Yinka Quadri’s absence from Ogogo’s daughter Shaki’s naming and marriage ceremony was due to their disagreement.

At their colleague Yomi Fabiyi’s birthday celebration, the quarrelling Nollywood actors unexpectedly put aside their differences and publicly buried the hatchet with an emotional hug.

Speaking in Yoruba, the actor candidly revealed the reasons behind his reconciliation with his longtime friend, emphasizing that their dispute had been kept a secret up until this point.

Yinka clarified that although disagreements were inevitable, he and Ogogo had moved past their differences over time.

Additionally, he suggested that their connection was more complex than human understanding, attributing its enduring strength to a heavenly affinity

Watch the moment they reconciled in the video below…Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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