Young boy hailed a ‘gentleman’ as he carries his female classmates’ bags

A young boy’s act of kindness goes viral as he helps his female classmates carry their bags while they walk home after school...ĊONTINUE.THE FULL R£ĄÐING.

The young gentleman showed how well-trained he is by helping out his female schoolmates.

Rather than allow the weight of their bags to bear down on them, he offered to carry all their bags, while they, the female classmates walked unburdened.

In a video that was shared online, the sole man in the group of secondary school students carried the bags of all three girls present.

Check out netizens’ reactions …

Iam_everestmitchell said: “This is the reality. He likes one of them who doesn’t even notice him, then one likes him who he doesn’t notice. Then the last one doesn’t even know she is an attacheé in a quadruple. She will only realise years later in the Uni. This is how it usually works.”

Andersonbello said: “Love nwantiti.”

Nurse_farmerjudie said: “His mother raised a KING.”

Alex_obi said: “My Gender and suffering na 5&6. The mumu boy go still tell her, thanks for allowing me carry your bag.”

Official_diamondmadeit said: “Can never be me button.”

Oluwadolarz said: “Proud of you homie.”

Pro_to_col___ said: “He likes one of ’em and if he doesn’t show cares to her friends they won’t let him date her!!! My opinion.”

Oo_aigboje wrote: “He won’t get the girls, trust me when I say nice guys don’t get the cucchi. I was there for more than a decade.”.Watch video below.…Continue The Full Reading.>’. 

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