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Your makeup will look totally different by 2050 – AI expert predicts ‘iconic comeback’

As time moves on so do makeup looks, with trends coming in and out of fashion very swiftly....Continue The Full Reading.

According to Vogue, the best trends of 2023 have included Y2K (think shimmery and futuristic), retro-flash makeup, face and body jewellery, plenty of eyeliner, skinny brows and skincare as makeup.

But skipping forward 27 years, what do experts imagine our makeup will look like in 2050? spoke exclusively to Leading makeup brush brand Spectrum Collections who partnered with futurist Tom Cheesewright to predict the future.

The experts explained: “Using the findings to create AI images, the research provided two different scenarios, with both looks being influenced by incredibly topical cultural and environmental events.

“To source the findings, the Manchester-based futurist took a step back from the makeup itself and instead looked at a variety of possible scenarios that might influence our future choices in style, function and sustainability.”

Tom predicted that makeup will go one of two ways by 2050. One scenario is that makeup will become all about achieving a super natural and healthy glow.

Scenario two is that makeup is all about big and bold looks, experimenting with colour and even DIY beauty spots.

Scenario One: NaturalPlus

Tom stared: “Digital technology has become an integral part of our lives, especially during COVID-19, where many used some form of technological device to keep in contact with each other, work and keep updated on news.”

However, he explained that “the more time we spend behind a screen, the more we crave the physical world”.

As a result, in 2050 there may be a lot of focus on “skincare” and what is considered as “natural beauty”, with people “emphasising their uniqueness” through makeup looks in an effort to “leave behind the augmented reality that will have become increasingly popular”.

Tom predicted that makeup users will ditch their foundation in favour of skin tints. As opposed to applying lashings of mascara, people might be more inclined to use lash serum to grow their own lashes.

The expert predicted that SPF will also become increasingly popular as a direct result of the recent heat waves we’ve been experiencing.

He said: “In the UK, we might see an average summer temperature of 27 degrees, which sounds great until you look at the peak temperatures and the effect on health, infrastructure and water supplies. With peak temperatures at 45 or even 50 degrees, we’re going to have to make a lot of changes to adapt, including to our makeup.”

But some popular products we use in 2023 will remain. Tom suggested that people will still want to have a healthy glow without damaging their skin, so fake tan and bronzers will be used across the cheeks, edges of the forehead and sides of the nose to create the illusion of a bronzed look.

Scenario Two: SuperHuman

It’s also possible that by 2050, makeup wearers will have ditched the natural look in favour of bolder trends.

Tom said: “The last 50 years have been characterised by rapid advances in digital technology that have changed the way the world works. However, the next waves of technology might change the way the world looks.”

He suggested that “this new science might embolden us stylistically”. He explained that when we had advancements in nuclear science and aeronautics during the Atomic Age/Space Age of the 50s and 60s, “bright colours, big wings, and fantastic forms were all the rage in fashion, architecture and automotive – and we had the makeup to match”.

Tom also predicted we will have cultural inspirations from India, Nigeria and Brazil, and the UK might look to these places for new technologies, music, food and fashion, not to mention makeup”.

Natural bases like skin tints will still be “incredibly popular”, but people may go wild with their eye and lip looks. Go-to makeup looks may include gold and pink for the eyes (inspiration from India), and colourful smokey eyes with bold winged eyeliner designs, which will embrace the Atomic Age style.

Bold reds and pinks will be in, especially for lips. Interestingly, Tom predicted that “iconic facial features like beauty spots will start to make a comeback” – with those who don’t have them naturally doing a DIY job.

Speaking about the findings, Spectrum Collections co-founders Hannah and Sophie Pycroft commented: “It’s incredibly exciting to work on our first AI campaign and to see these images come to life. At Spectrum, it’s important we created a brand that embraces creativity and encourages everyone to feel beautiful, so to see in the future, imperfections will be encouraged and embraced is a fantastic step in the right direction.”

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