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Your Mornings Deserve This ‘Magic Shell’ Yogurt Cup



Yogurt is known for being low key, with little muss and even less fuss. You open the container, then eat it right out of that same container. If your container is large, you can scoop some into a bowl. People commonly put fruit or granola on their yogurt, but the hedonists among us are making something called “the viral TikTok magic shell yogurt cup.”

The yogurt cup is lightly elaborate. Doctor the yogurt with some nut butter and maple syrup, then pour on some melted chocolate, and sprinkle some nuts and salt on top. Pop the whole thing in the freezer to help it set, then break the chocolate apart and enjoy your dessert-like breakfast (or snack).

I did not, however, want to do all of that; the yogurt I had in my fridge (Tillamook black cherry) was sweet enough on its own—sans nut butter and maple—and chocolate and cherries are a natural pairing. I did, however, make a true magic shell.

Though melted chocolate will set in the freezer, adding a bit of coconut oil smooths it out and helps it harden in a snappier sort of manner, thanks to all that saturated fat. To make my magic shell, I mixed a heaping tablespoon of chocolate chips with a teaspoon of coconut oil (refined or unrefined both work fine(d)), then nuked it in 10-second bursts, stirring in between, until completely melted. I then pulled the lid off my yogurt and poured the chocolate on top, and set it in the freezer for 15 minutes while I watered my garden.

When I came back inside, the chocolate had set. I broke through it with a spoon, and a shard of chocolate jumped out. (This could have been prevented by using a thinner layer of chocolate. In fact, the amount of magic shell I made was enough for two yogurt cups.) I added a spoonful of pistachios I had forgot existed until just then, and it was a great little treat.

One of the nice things about this “recipe” is that it can be customized easily. Beyond nut butters, you can doctor your yogurt with jams and spreads, and swap out the nuts for granola, or even Froot Loops. Don’t like chocolate? No problem, we’ve got a peanut butter magic shell that works just as well. However you build your cup of yogurt, you’ll be starting your day on a slightly sweeter note.

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