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You’re Member Of Federal Republic For God’s Sake, You’re Not Even Member Of Our Party–According to Onokpasa




Lawyer and APC Publicity Committee member Jesutega Onokpasa, who recently spoke with Arise TV, criticized what he sees as needless showmanship and encouraged FCT Minister Nyesom Wike to focus on his assigned duties. Onokpasa claims that the APC party is deeply unsettled by Minister Wike’s actions, which they perceive to be exaggerated. He asserted that the President possesses the power to order Wike to stop acting and concentrate on FCT governance.

During the interview, Onokpasa expressed the sentiment among many party members. He emphasized that if there is a problem, the President should intervene and settle the dispute between Wike and himself, urging Minister Wike to adhere to common decency. Onokpasa raised concerns about the optics of the situation, questioning whether the President is perceived as not influential enough to give Minister Wike clear instructions. As a fellow politician, he emphasized the need for a more nuanced approach to handling such matters within the political landscape, suggesting that there are appropriate channels for addressing conflicts.

He said, “You are a member of the Federal Republic for God’s sake, you are not even a member of our party. Our President gave you an appointment, face your job for God’s sake, and enough of these antics. If peradventure there is a problem, if the President calls you and tries to settle the problem between both of you, then even just common decency.”

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