Yvonne Jegede opens up about her divorce, reveals she was primary breadwinner

Popular actress, Yvonne Jegede regrets going into marriage for love instead of money, as she recounts how financial imbalance and other issues led to the end of her marriage...READ THE FULL STORY HERE▶▶▶

In 2019, Yvonne Jegede publicly acknowledged the end of her marriage to actor Abounce Fawole, just a year after they got married.

The movie diva opened up about her failed marriage in a teaser video for the upcoming episode of the ‘Honest Bunch’ podcast, speaking candidly about her experiences.”

Yvonne Jegede expressed how her husband had began taking the slightest of things as an act of disrespect after they got married.

However, she maintained that the real reason her marriage crashed was because she was providing more for the family than her husband was doing.

“He [my ex-husband] is eight years older than me. But the moment we got married, if I tell am say, ‘You dey crease, ‘ he would say I’m disrespecting him. I would if it was the same person I got married to.

“But that wasn’t the main reason I left the marriage. Let me just say the fact, I was bringing more of the money. I’m taking care of my son like nobody exist around me. It’s not easy. I would have gone for money instead of love.”...Continue The Full Reading.>’.

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