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5 amazing facts about skeletons you should know

5 amazing facts about skeletons you should know...Continue The Full Reading.

What do you really know about skeletons aside from the fact that you carry them around all the time?

Skeletons are the structural frameworks that provide support, protection, and shape to the body.

Amazing facts about skeletons

Aside from just being part of the body, here are five amazing facts about skeletons you probably never knew about.

1. You do not have the same skeleton throughout your lifetime

A lot of people are aware of changes in the bodies especially when they reach puberty. Well, those are not the only areas that change throughout your life. The body actually changes a lot over the years with cells dying and being replaced constantly.

The cells in your skeleton also go through this same process. This occurs so frequently that in almost every 10 years every bit of your former skeleton is replaced with new cells.

2. No skeletons of Titanic victims have been found

Ever since the Titanic movie was made, a lot of people around the world got to know about the unfortunate incident that happened years ago. Since then, wreckage of the Titanic have been found. Even though wreckage had been seen, no bodies or skeletons have been found of the Titanic victims.

There is an explanation for this though. It is said that below a depth of 3,000 feet in the ocean where the titanic whale landed, is what is called the calcium carbonate compensation depth. At this level and below, bones can’t hold together long and they will dissolve. Even if some bodies were trapped in rooms with oxygenated water, after more than a century it’s unlikely any identifiable remains could ever be found.

3. There’s a church that contains over 40,000 skeletons

When you think of things you’ll find in churches, the last thing that will probably come to your mind will probably be skeletons in the literal sense. There is a church that houses not one but over 40,000 skeletons.

This church, known as the Sedlec Ossuary, located in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, houses the skeletal remains of over 40,000 individuals. These skeletons are arranged to form elaborate decorations such as chandeliers, coats of arms, and even a massive bone chandelier that contains at least one of every bone in the human body. This unique display of human bones dates back to the 14th century when the site was initially used as a burial ground.

Over time, due to the high number of burials during plagues and wars, the chapel became overcrowded, leading to the creative solution of using the bones for artistic and religious purposes, creating a haunting yet fascinating spectacle that continues to attract visitors from around the world.

4. There’s a lake filled with skeletons in the Himalayan mountain and no one really knows how it happened

The Roopkund Lake, also known as Skeleton Lake or Mystery Lake is one unusual one as it is popular for having hundreds of human skeletons around its shores. The skeletons found near Roopkund Lake are believed to date back to the 9th century and are thought to be the remains of travellers or pilgrims who perished in a sudden and severe hailstorm.

The harsh conditions, combined with the lack of proper shelter, probably led to the tragic deaths of these individuals. Since their discovery, scientific studies have revealed that the individuals likely came from different regions, adding to the mystery of how such a diverse group ended up in this remote location.

5. An actress’ skeleton has been used as prop for many movies

For a lot of movie stars, their career ends when they die or retire. But this is different with the late Elsie Eiler. It is common for a lot of movies to use skeletons as props and some are actually real skeletons. One of such popular ones is that of Elsie Eiler whose skeleton has been used in some movies. The American actress known for her work in horror films during the early 20th century gained posthumous fame when her real skeleton was used as a prop in several movies, particularly in horror films where a realistic skeletal appearance was needed.

This was after her skeleton was acquired by a prop supplier and became a staple in the film industry, often appearing in scenes depicting catacombs, haunted houses, or crypts.

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